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Vermont’s rich geological history provides a varied supply of dimensional natural stone direct from Vermont’s quarries. Several types of white marble are available from Danby, VT, including Olympian White, Mountain White, Imperial, Royal, Montclair (Arabescato & Mariposa), Eureka Calacatta, Crystal Stratus and Appalachian Green.
Green Serpentine is available from three quarry sources these include: Vermont Verde Cavendish from Cavendish, VT, Vermont Verde Antique, Rochester, VT, and Windham Green, Windham, VT.
Champlain Black, also known as Radio Black, is black limestone quarried in Isle La Motte, VT. It is available in Champlain X (dark), Champlain Black, and Grand Isle Fleuri.
To further the spectrum of colored Vermont marbles, red marble is quarried in Swanton. This quarry yields Oriental, Olive, Jasper, and Royal red.
Also from Vermont’s geological wealth is granite. From the expansive mines in Barre and surrounding areas, there’s Barre Gray, Bethel White, and Woodbury.
To add to the list of natural resources Vermont slate ranks as some of the best available. Its colors range from Unfading Green, Purple Mottled, Purple, and Red.
Because all of these natural stones are quarried locally the selection is great, and can be specifically ordered from cubic block to custom slabs. For some projects materials can also be custom quarried. Additionally, stones from all over the world are also available.
Come visit Vermont and see its natural beauty and speculator resources.

Brent Wilson, founder/owner and artist of Proctor Marble Company (PMC), earned his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Sculpture. With over thirty years of commercial art experience, Brent has been commissioned to create both public and private sculpture, and has been retained periodically as an art consultant.
His passion for sculpture and his varied commercial experience have blended together to make Brent a more complete artist. His skilled hands, keen eyes, common sense, and love of art make Brent a rare treasure, one who is willing and able to share his abilities within his company to create quality workmanship for his clients. Thank you, we look forward to working with you.


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